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Exclusive Teen's Inflata-Park Session (Ages 11-17)

Pricing : £12.95 per person


Teen nights – 
Teens have been scientifically proven to be the best bouncers.
They are just the right size to take on some of our Inflatapark's more challenging obstacles!
Every Friday and Saturday at 7pm is exclusively for Teens. Parents aren't even necessary! You can simply come and check in your teens or teen, sign a waiver and leave... to do whatever you desire! All we ask is you come back to collect them... please! 
We'll play cool music and make sure that everything is really chill for teen-friendly fun!
Note - All bouncers must wear our new Slippy Grippy socks, desgined to give you grip running up slides and the Adrenalator but to also allow you to slide down them without getting stuck. These can be purchased online or at check-in.

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