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Adult's Only Inflatable Park Session (18+)

Pricing from: £10.95 per person

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‘I’m too old for that!’


This is the one sentence banned from being uttered anywhere in the Vertigo kingdom. To speak this is punishable by twelve hours of intense foot tickling.


The Inflatable -Park is open to everyone and that includes big people. Why do you think our Fun Professionals decided to make the Inflatapark so preposterously huge? So adults can fit on to of-course!


At 8pm Monday - Saturday, we run sessions exclusively for Adults. 

Bringing a big group or your work colleagues along? If the days and times above don't suit, be sure to get in touch - we can open early or close later to suit your needs. 

Note - All bouncers must wear our new Slippy Grippy socks, desgined to give you grip running up slides and the Adrenalator but to also allow you to slide down them without getting stuck. These can be purchased online or at check-in..

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