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Skydive + Inflatable Park Combo (Ages 4+)

Pricing from: £46.95 per person

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Adrenaline; it makes the heart beat faster, increases blood flow to the brain & muscles, stimulates the body to make sugar for fuel...  oh, and it feels pretty awesome too! 
Care for a double dose?
Learn how to fly in our Wind Tunnel with the same techniques skydivers do thousands of feet in the air! Then let loose after with an hours bounce around our gigantic Inflatable Park. 

Package includes:


  •  A unique experience 
  • Equivalent free-fall time of 2 real Skydives.
  • Full equipment hire for your Skydive
  • Exclusive return flyer discount.

Inflatable Park

  • 1 hour of actioned pack fun on our HUGE Inflatable Park
- Slippy Grippy Socks are compulsory for all participants (including adults)  - £2 each pair


What are Slippy Grippy socks? 

These are designed to give you grip running up slides & the Adrenalator but to also allow you to slide down them without getting stuck - these are compulsory for your safety.

These can be purchased online or at check-in.


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