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Psst... Skydive + Ninja off-peak is now £40!

Skydive + Ninja Combo (Ages 6+)

Pricing from: £40.00 per person


Unlock the ancient powers of flight and agility!
This is for those of you who wish to be the most agile, nimble and daring individuals in the country! THIS is the true test of your ability to handle two colossal hits of adrenaline that you won’t experience anywhere else on the island! 
Learn to climb
Learn to vault
Learn to overcome ANY obstacle in your path.
Learn the power of flight!
And you will become THE FLYING NINJA. 
This experience consists of: 
A 24,000 ft Indoor Skydive.
The Ninja Master Course.

These can be booked in on the same day and done within 2.5 hours, or split the experiences up and use them on different days!

Psst... Skydive + Ninja off-peak is now ONLY £40!

Note - Our Ninja Course is challenging, participants must be physically fit and able-bodied. If anyone is unsure about their ability to complete the course then please call down and visit the course. One of our onsite Ninja's will be happy to show you around

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