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Inflatable Tots and Toast (1-5 Yrs)

Pricing from: £10.00 per person


Did you know that in our top secret Vertigo Laboratory some of our most valued scientists are actually toddlers! Their job it is to invent fantastically fun ideas (when they aren't napping) specifically designed for little customers like themselves.
Playtime at this young age (5 and under) is super-duper-important in helping kids grow, learn and discover for themselves the magic of our world. And with this in mind our Top Toddler Scientists invented Tots & Toast! 
What it Tots & toast? 
1 hour in our Newtownbreda Inflatable Park (for 1 tot AND 1 parent/guardian admission)
1 hour in our Adventure centre, having an adventure! 
Toast AND juice for all Tots. 

Parents accompany their tots, each ticket includes one admission for an accompaning adult.  These sessions are dedicated for our tots so don't go too wild yourself! (we know it's tempting.)  Nothing hurts a tot more than an stampede of kooky adults. 
£10 per tot (includes 1 adult admission)
Come learn, play, explore, grow!

*Dedicated Tots and Toast sessions are only available at our Newtownbreda Site*

Note - All bouncers must wear our new Slippy Grippy socks, desgined to give you grip running up slides and the Adrenalator but to also allow you to slide down them without getting stuck. These can be purchased online or at check-in.

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