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Weekend Tots and Toast (1-5 Yrs)

Pricing : £6.50 per person


*Our Trampoline Park is now closed. Tots and Toast sessions between 7th - 18th Jan will consist of 1.5 hours in the Adventure Centre instead of Trampoline. Normal start time of 9:30am (Sat) and 11:30am (Sun)*

Specially designed sessions for our bouncers 5yrs and under with Tots & Toast.


Our Monday to Friday sessions are a full hour of trampoline time followed with an hour in our Adventure Centre with Toast and Juice for the kids (Saturdays and Sundays our Trampoline sessions are 30 minutes).

Tots & Toast is exclusively for Tots! Adults spectate and supervise from the side-lines on the adjacent platform areas leaving more space for the tots to play.
Please note: You only pay for the participating tots. Spectators are free.

  • Exclusive sessions for Tots from 1 to 5 year olds in our massive trampoline park
  • Wall to wall trampolines are perfect to help your little one explore and socialise
  • Developing their co-ordination and balance on our low ropes courses
  • Two hours of fun in trampoline and adventure to really tire them out
  • FREE toast & juice for the kids, served in the Adventure Centre.
£6.50 per Child

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