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A great way to stay fit and active.. all while having fun!

Exclusive Adult's Only Ninja Session (18+)

Pricing from: £6.95 per person


(Wednesday - Saturday 7pm)

We face the challenges of adulthood everyday...
These tests come in many forms.
But in our modern age rarely are these challenges physical. Rarely do we hone our coordination, strength or agility - and rarely do we have immense fun in doing it. 
The Ninja Master course will change all that. 
Our course will refresh you in body & mind by nurturing your childhood spirit. By putting you through leaps, bounds & climbs. 
It's not going to be easy. There are obstacles here that will truly test you and to be a true Ninja master... You must overcome them all. 
 From Wednesday - Saturday at 7pm, we run sessions exclusively for Adults.

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