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Ninja School with JUMP NI (First Timer)

Pricing from: £20.00 per person


NOTE - These sessions are for Ninjas who have not been at Ninja School before. If you have already been to one of our classes, please book the "Return user" session. 

Ninja School is about building agility, endurance & power. Your kids can socialize & learn to overcome new challenges whilst getting physical exercise.'  -  
Paul Allen.
Paul is a parkour professional from Jump NI who is a finalist on Ninja Warrior UK. In these special sessions Paul will train you as his student -  that's if you are up to the task. We caught up with Paul to ask him about the brand new sessions. 
So, what are these lessons all about? 
This is all about the great benefits of physical challenge. 
I want to build confidence in kids and teenagers that they'll naturally use in school & later life. It's a time in our history were we spend so much time staring at screens and being inactive - that's really what these lessons are tailored to combat! 
Sounds great! What will a lesson look like? 
Fun games and drills to activate Ninja Mode...
Each session will cover different challenges on the course. We'll develop balance and accuracy, swinging and timing, efficiency and control...

For August, our sessions will run on -
Thursday 15th & Thursday 22nd at the following times -
Ages 6-10 (6pm - 7pm & 7pm - 8pm) and Ages 11+ (8pm - 9pm)

Further dates will be annouced at the end of August. 
Ninja School lessons cost just £20 each, spaces are limited and filling up fast so be sure to book your quickly. Lessons will run monthly and are aimed at developing young Ninjas each time. 

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