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5 x Ninja Master Course Vouchers (Valid 25th Dec onwards. Ages 6+)

Pricing from: £40.00 per person


The training ground in which Santa’s elves prepare for climbing across steep, high & dangerous rooftops when they are called in for back-up to remove Santa from chimneys he's got stuck in.

We call these special elves the Chimney Hazard’s & Incidents Squad.

You & your loved ones now have the opportunity to tackle our Ninja assault course where the elves spend months undergoing gruelling pre-christmas-training.

They actually rescue Santa from approximately 7 million chimneys per night.

Only £40! From ages 6+

Vouchers can be redeemed from the 25th Dec 2019 to the 25th Dec 2020.

This voucher consists of one voucher code that can be used for 1 visit for 5 x participants OR 5 visits for 1x participants


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