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Escape The Office!
We are Vertigo offers a unique experience and setting for all your Corporate needs.


Is your workplace prone to fallouts, battles or even full scale warfare? Every time Karren from Corporate steals one of Susan from HR's teabags the whole office gets involved... fortresses fashioned from desks go up and hazardous paper airplanes dart through the air. A health and safety nightmare, really.  
If this is the case it might be time to try some team building exercises! 
We've aced Corporate Team Building. Everyone is guaranteed to be BFF’s after one of our sessions. Promise. Even Susan and Karren.  


Whether you're a small tight-knit crew or an army we can host a fantastic package for you.  


(Hospitality Packages from coffee breaks with  super tasty treats to 3 course meals with beer and wine in our Log Cabin Bar.) 
If you’re interested please enquire using the form below:

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