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Take a look at some of our the Frequently Asked Questions, if there's something we haven't answered be sure to get in touch.

Yes, Yes, Yes! We want you to get the most out of your Membership so we have selected sessions during the Summer period that you are able to avail of all your membership benefits!
For your Silver Membership, selected sessions will be available for you to use Monday - Friday (before 12pm and after 5pm) which you will be able to fully use your membership.
For your Tots Membership, you will be able to attend all of our mid-week Tots and Toast session Mon-Fri.
Our Adventure Cenre will be open all day every day for FREE access to the Membership Holder at any time.

Our prices vary depending on activity, time and date you wish to visit. The easiest way to see our prices, is to use the booking bar on the top of the page, select activity, date and time. Prices are the same for  adults and kids across all activites expect for the Advenutre Centre and Ski.

Note - You can save up to 20% by booking at Off-Peak times (Mon-Thurs, excluding school and public holidays)

We always recommend booking online, not only does this give you our great online discount but it secures your slot. Online prices can save 20% in comparison to walk in prices.

We are not able take bookings over the phone.