Take a look at some of our the Frequently Asked Questions, if there's something we haven't answered be sure to get in touch.

All footage shown during your de-brief is available to purchase at our in-store media kiosks or online up to 30 days after your visit, simply visit the skydiving page on www.wearevertigo.com selecting the date and time of your flight and looking for your name.

With winds of up to 200kmph in the tunnel customers who are flying may not bring cameras of go-pros into the tunnel. We have built-in digital cameras in our tunnel to capture fabulous footage. Spectators may bring cameras onto the observation platform.

Flying should not impair your ability to breathe. There is a significant amount of wind blowing in your face which some people find uncomfortable. Often fliers hold their breath but you simply need to remember to relax and breathe! Full face helmets are available to rent from reception and are a popular way to eliminate the impact.

Our tunnel operates one flyer plus an instructor at a time. This means you get to fly 1 on 1 with our awesome instructors who can make sure you get the most out of your flight. Book your family or group into the same time slot and you will share the whole experience by flying one after another. Our advanced fliers will be able to fly solo and with partner upon completion of the Vertigo Flight School program.

Our observation platform is a great place to watch a friend or loved one soar to new heights. There is limited space available on the platform so please be aware that we may allocate a number of spectators per skydiver.

We have lots of FREE parking for customers on site. Please keep in mind that due to our location, there may be a lot of traffic during special events being held at the SSE Arena or Titanic Exhibition Centre or slipways. Whilst we will try and alert customers to any local delays, it is always worth double checking to ensure you are on time for check in and as we have no late departures.

Prices start from £45 for first-time fliers. Return fliers will receive special discounted offers.

Click on the book your flight to select a flight time and date that suit you. Create a new account on our system in your name and enter your voucher code when prompted.

We strongly recommend all customers book their flight before they arrive. Our flights can book up quickly and booking secures your slot. Booking online will also guarantee you the best price. Click HERE to book your slot.

Our opening hours vary depending on the day of the week and time of the year. Please click on our availability checker for up to date opening hours. If you are bringing along a large group and would like to fly outside of opening hours, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to open up for you.

We want as many people as possible to experience flight with us. We have had a number of customers with a range of disabilities and will do our very best to help you to fly if possible. Due to the extra attention and specific customer needs, we ask that you contact us before you choose a flight package. We cannot guarantee that you will fly, we can guarantee that we will try our best to help you fly.

Contact us to chat about your specific needs.

Vertigo Indoor Skydiving is located in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast, opposite the Titanic Hotel and next to the old Cast & Crew Restaurant, Queens Road, Belfast, BT3 9DT.

We try our best to accommodate everyone, however, skydiving is an activity which has physical demands. Anyone in a state of reasonable health and fitness from 4 to 104 can fly with us. If you are in any doubt we would always recommend you seek advice from your doctor before you book.
You will not be able to participate if you…
- Have any severe injuries or fractures
- Have any restrictions of your back or movement related issues
- Have an underlying heart condition
- Are pregnant
- Have epilepsy
- Have previously dislocated or injured your shoulder
- Have a hard plaster cast
- Are under the influence of alcohol or un-prescribed drugs
- If you have any specific queries please contact our team directly.

Special flight suit, helmet and goggles are included in your flight package. You should wear comfortable clothing that your flight suit can easily fit over, so nothing too bulky. Close-toed secure shoes, trainers are ideal. We have changing rooms and lockers available for all flyers to use. These are £1 coin operated and can fit handbags, wallets, phones etc.

A freefall from an aeroplane is around 14,000 feet and takes approximately 1 minute.
We replicate the skydiving experience and offer flights which are at least twice as long as a freefall. So our flight packages start from 2 minutes and go up to 6 minutes. The wind speed will be in excess of 200kmph and after 2 minutes your body feels the effect!
We deliver the exhilarating indoor skydiving experience which from start to finish will last around an hour including training, safety briefing, warm up, flight gear, flight, demonstration and de-brief with the instructor. We put a lot in, so you can get the most out of your flight time. Additional flight time can be added to your package subject to availability.