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Adventure Party (Ages 1+)

Pricing from: £11.95 per person


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Wow, you're a WHOLE YEAR older! You know what that means right? New-found adventurer skills! 
You're probably better at sniffing out ancient treasure than Indiana Jones by now... but even though we're sure you've explored the wildest jungles and even deepest darkest corners of outer space... you haven't had an adventure like this one! Get your treasure map at the ready and be prepared for climbing, swinging, exploring and discovering the whole way through your birthday bash at our Adventure centre! What's a better test of your adventure spirit than a GRAND adventure on your birthday?
Our Adventure Party includes:
1hr 30min Adventure playtime. 
30 min Private Room hire
Party Host
Stone Baked Pizza
Return voucher for birthday child
8 People (min)
Book for 10 or more and the birthday child gets a FREE SKYDIVE!

So, what are you waiting for?.

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