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High Five (Birthdays)

Pricing from: £160.00 per group


Your mission, should you choose to accept it... 
The High Five.
This isn't a lone-wolf operation. You'll need a team this time. A team of five trustworthy agents, be it friends or family, we'll need these five to be daring, brave & capable of entering our Wind Tunnel for a 24,000ft Skydive each!
So, choose your team carefully... Do they have what it takes to become Flyer's at Vertigo Indoor Skydiving? 
If you think so, then this mission is for you. Please continue reading only at a secure location.
(This message won't self destruct after reading!) 
Mission Brief: 
Step one: Gather your team of five and place your booking through the website.
Step two: Arrive at Vertigo Indoor Skydiving in Titanic Quarter.
Step three: Meet your personalised instructor. (This will be your mentor & point of contact. They'll make sure your mission runs smoothly.)
Further information is strictly on a need-to-know basis. To progress further, book your High Five Experience today!

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