Inflata-Park Bounce Party (Opening Jan 2019)

Pricing : £22.95 per person






Introducing: Inflatable Birthdays!
Wouldn't it be great if the world was inflatable? We could just bounce everywhere instead of walking. We'd bounce to work in the morning and to dinner at night. Our postmen would bounce along delivering bouncy mail, and we'd get to see Scottish Terriers literally flying past our upstairs windows.
But until that fateful day comes (and it will) you can experience a part of our beautiful vision in: Inflatable Birthdays! 
A new fantastic way to celebrate another year spent on planet earth, but since we've established planet earth is too solid and that we aren't about that life, we've built The ONLY inflatable action course on the island! A whole 30,000 square feet of it! The biggest, bounciest, best destination for your birthday!
Our Inflatable Party includes:
1 hours Bounce
30 min Private Room hire
Party Host
Stone Baked Pizza
Goodie bag and return voucher for birthday child
8 People (min)
We open Jan 2019! 
Book for 12 or more and the birthday child gets a FREE SKYDIVE!
SO, join our secret Vertigo club bent on turning the whole world inflatable - by booking online today.

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