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Ninja Master Gold Membership

Pricing from: £199.00 per person



Once upon a time in the Ancient Warrior Kingdom ruled the Golden Ninja...
Unlike the traditional Ninja, who wore black to hide in the shadows & surprise his foes - the Golden Ninja attacked seen by all.
Unafraid, the Golden Ninja was the most practiced Ninja in the land, because of one year of grueling training at secret location by the sea. 
We now extend the challenge to you. 
Membership includes: 
Unlimited Off-peak Access
Unlimited Peak Access
A 25% Discount on one birthday party per year. 
10% discounts on Ninja fuel (food & drink.)
Secret Ninja access to Vertigo's opening nights...  
(We've always got new world's of fun in the works!)
Off-Peak Pricing at Peak Times for Selected Activity (Additional Guests)
Become a Golden Ninja for £199 per year.
(equivalent to less than 15 visits to our Ninja Master Course over the entire year!)

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