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Flight School (3 sessions)

Pricing from: £195.00 per person

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We're training the ONLY Indoor Skydivers in the country! 

Sign up that person in your life you KNOW would love this gift. Maybe they love extreme sports, maybe they are super-duper-active or want to be... whatever the reason, enrol them and give the gift of flight today!   
Our Individual Flight Programmes consist of three or six individual training sessions with one of our expert instructors. Your instructor will train you in manoeuvres & skills acquired with months of experience flying. They'll review your performance & start you on the path to becoming a top Flyer!
Our Programmes have been tailored to allow for speedy progression & strengthen your knowledge in all things in the Art of the Wind Tunnel...
Here's how it's going to go down:
Session 1 - Mastering solo flight without instructors input.
Session 2 - Controlling height both upwards and downwards.
Session 3 - Changing direction of flight, including both rotational and lateral movements. 
(Note - this progression plan is for first time flyers, customers who are already competent in the above will not be restricted in their progression. Our Instructors will introduce new skills as soon as they deem you capable!)
Session 4 - Barrel rolls and front flips.
Session 5 - Backflips, feet and head down flying.
Session 6 - Joining all skills together for a 'show flight.'
What's included?
- Free full face helmet rental for each session.
- Rental of all flight equipment.
- Complimentary media bundle of each session.
Training sessions will launch 07/01/19 and take place every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm and Fridays at 7pm.

So, let's get FLYING! 

All vouchers purchased between Nov 2018 and Dec 2018 will be valid until June 30th 2019

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