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Skydive + Ninja Combo (Ages 6+)

Pricing from: £46.95 per person

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Unlock the ancient powers of flight and agility!
This is for those of you who wish to be the most agile, nimble and daring flying ninjas in the country! THIS is the true test of your ability to handle two colossal hits of adrenaline that you won’t experience anywhere else on the island! 
Package includes:

A Full 2 hours of Adrenaline fuelled FUN!

- A unique experience 
- Equivalent free-fall time of 2 real Skydives.
- Full equipment hire for your Skydive
- Exclusive return flyer discount.
- Flight certificate 
Ninja Master Course
- Two Action Packed Ninja Courses (1hour of fun)
- Warped wall | Ascending steps | Punch-bag zipline | Rolling log | Jungle bars | Hanging doors | Net bags & lots more!
Knowledge is key to achieving total Flying Ninja Skills:
Be Ninja smart - Book in advance
Arrive 20minutes early to check-in
Prepare for action - dress appropriately
Ages 6+


Top Tip - Our Ninja Course can be a little chilly in winter - bring layers just in case! Participants must be physically fit and able-bodied.


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