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£8 drop-in | 12-session Motivate Bundle £80


STANDING still is not our thing at We Are Vertigo and the latest spring to our bow is the launch of much requested trampoline fitness classes next week.

Fahrenheit Fitness, led by instructor Agnieszka, will take place on Monday nights from 22nd January, between 8 and 9pm.

 A quest to get fitter does not have to entail an investment in lycra, expensive trainers and a face-to-face with the dreadmill.

Boasting a wealth of body benefits, (it allegedly reduces cellulite too!) it’s not surprising trampoline fitness classes are the new must-do for bouncing back to health.

Bouncing can torch up to 160 calories per half hour, meaning it is up there with the likes of running in terms of toning and energy burn. Impact on the joints is vastly reduced, with the trampoline taking the bulk of the strain.

In fact using a trampoline takes up to 80 per cent off the stress from your weight-bearing joints, making it a fantastic fitness choice for older people or the not so fit among us.

What’s more, whoever bounces without a huge smile on their face?  We all know the numerous benefits of smiling, don’t we?

Fitness class times:

Monday  8pm

  • Fahrenheit Fitness trampoline circuits are 80% less shock on your joints and 3 times the work out.
  • A ten minute bounce is the same as a half hour run! Burn up to 1000 calories in a session.
  • It’s a low-impact, intense circuit session combining core exercises and strength-building aerobics – oh and it’s lots of fun!

We are Vertigo Tips…

  • Booking in advance guarantees you a place.
  • Arriving 30 minutes before your session starts allows plenty of time to check in and maximises your bounce time.
  • Book online or download our free Book-It App for the best discounts and offers.
  • Fitness sessions are for ages 16+
  • We Are Vertigo bounce socks MUST be worn when bouncing in our park
  • Free exchange of other trampoline park socks
  • Please be sure to read our Terms  & Conditions
  • Do you have questions as a Carer? Please read our Information for Carers

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Fahrenheit Fitness drop-in £8.00
Fahrenheit Fitness 12 session ‘Motivate Bundle’ £80